Email Id of Officers

Email ID of Officers
S.No. Name  Designation Office Mobile E-mail ID
1.  Er. R.K.Sharma Managing Director 2633283 94184-82408
2. Er. Keshav Singh Attri Director (Contracts & Planning) 2832415 94184-88316
3. Er. Rajesh Thakur Director (Project) 2831406 94180-83720
4. Er. K.Kapoor General Manager (Contracts & Design) 2831227 94180-86255
5. Er. Anup Kumar Dhiman General Manager (Project)  2831784 94181-63980
6. Er. Rajender Kumar Sharma DGM (Project) 2831272 94180-67189
7. Er. Rakesh Kumar Dhiman DGM (Commercial) 2633784 94180-23840
8. Er. K.N. Sharma DGM (Contracts)  2833271 94181-11500
9. Er. Sandeep Sharma DGM (Plg&IT)   98166-28734
10.   AGM (Finance)


Email ID of Field Officers

S.No. Name  Designation E-mail ID
1. Er. Rajinder Sharma DGM(Hamirpur)
2.  Er. Bhupesh Uppal DGM(Kullu)
3.  Er. M.L. Sharma DGM (Chamba)
4. Er. Sanjay Kumar Sr. Manager Kullu
5. Er. Subhash Chand
Sr. Manager Bhabanagar
6. Er. Desh Raj Thakur
Sr. Manager Chamba
7. Er. Ramesh Chand
Sr. Manager Rohroo
8. Er. Faquir Mohammed Sr. Manager Chambi
9. Er. Umesh Gupta Sr. Manager Gumma
10. Er. Ashok Kumar Sr. Manager Lahal (Bharmour)
11. Er. Wattan Singh Mehla Sr. Manager Phozal

*Request for any change in the list may kindly be emailed to and
*Any kind of clarification is available with Poonam Gupta,JO(IT) Mob 9418457276/Manisha Thakur,JO( IT) Mob 9459627919

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