Kotla-Bhoktoo Zone


Projects under implementation

22/66/220 kV, 31.5 MVA substation at Bhoktoo with LILO of one circuit of 220 kV Kashang- Bhaba D/C Line Awarded to M/S Siemens Ltd in July 2012
66/220/400 kV (66/220 kV, 2x80/100 MVA+220/400 kV, 2x315 MVA) GIS substation at Wangtoo with LILO of both circuits of 220 kV Kashang- Bhaba and 400 kV Wangtoo-Abdullapur D/C Lines at Wangtoo. Awarded to M/S L&T Ltd in Sep 2013
66 kV Switching station at Urni , Distt. Kinnaur Awarded to M/S Alstom Ltd. In July 2014
66 kV D/C Line from 66 kV Switching station at Urni to Wangtoo Sub station Awarded to M/S KMCC, Jodhpur in March 2015

Upcoming Projects

66/22 kV, 2x10 MVA GISS at Nirmand (Bagipul)
66 kV D/C Line from 66/22 kV GISS Nirmand to 66/220 kV Kotla substation ( 42 Ckt. Kms)


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Corporate Office

Himfed Bhawan,
Panjari (Below Old MLA Quarters) Shimla-05

Telephone No.:0177-2831283/2830285



Email:directorpc@hpptcl.in directorprojects@hpptcl.in


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