Palampur Zone


Projects under implementation

33/132 kV, 2x25/31.5 MVA substation at Chambi (Shahpur) Awarded to SIPS Pvt. Ltd in Nov 2015
132 kV D/C LILO line from looping point of 132 KV Dehra Kangra line to 132/33 KV Pooling Substation at Chambi (Shahpur) Awarded to Coal Mines in DEc-2015

Upcoming Projects

132/220 kV, 2x100 MVA GIS substation at Dehan in Distt. Kangra
220 kV D/C Transmission Line from Dehan substation to 400/220 kV substation of PGCIL at Hamirpur (110 Ckt. Kms)

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