Group Mail:-

  Name Designation Mobile Email
1. Er. Arun Kumar Dubb Sr.Manager(E) 94184-64084
2. Er. Vimal Thakur AE ( E) 70183-33984
3. Er. Virender Singh AE ( E)  89883-48200
4. Er.Hem Raj J.E.(E) 98163-50027
5. Er.Tarun Thakur J.E.(E) 94597-67584
6. Er.Rohan Kumar J.E.(E) 89884-14069
7. Er. Priyanka Verma J.E.(C)    
8. Er.Neeraj Kumar T/Mate 98175-65390  
9. Er.Manoj Kumar Sharma  T/Mate 88943-79921  

*Request for any change in the list may kindly be emailed to and
*Any kind of clarification is available with Poonam Gupta,JO(IT) Mob 9418457276/Manisha Thakur,JO( IT) Mob 9459627919

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Corporate Office

Himfed Bhawan,
Panjari (Below Old MLA Quarters) Shimla-05

Telephone No.:0177-2831283/2830285



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