Projects Pipelined

Sr. No. Description Proposed Scheme MVA Ckt Kms
A PROJECTS PIPELINED (as on 07-07-2021)
1 220/132kV, 100MVA Sub-Station at Paonta and D/C LILO of 220kV Khodri-Majri line (0.5C kt. Km.) World Bank (P-I) 100
2 132/33kV, 40MVA Sub-Station in Rajgarh area at Charna alongwith LILO of 132 kV Giri-Gaura Line. (Sirmaur) (44Ckt. Km.) World Bank(P-I) 40
3 LILO of 400 kV D/C Triple Snowbird Baspa to Karcham-Wangtoo Line at Shongtong  (12 Ckt. Km) World Bank(P-I) 12
4 132/33kV, 63MVA Sub-Station at Dharamshala and 132 kV line from Khaniara (Dharamshala) to Patti . (Kangra) (64CKt. Km.) World Bank(P-I) 63
5 220/132/33 kV,2×100 MVA  Sub-Station Ochaghat (Solan) alongwith LILO of  132kV Solan Gaura Line and reorientation of remaining 132 kV Giri Solan Line with Proposed   220/132 kV Oachaghat S/Stn. World Bank(P-II) 200
6 220 kV D/C transmission line from 220/132kV Ochaghat Substation to 400/220kV Arandwala Substation (PGCIL)  (Including MCT for 14 Km.) after dismantling of existing Solan -Giri 132 kV Line.(96Ckt. Km.) World Bank(P-II) 96
7 220 kV D/C transmission line from 220/132 kV Giri Substation to 400/220kV Arandwala Substation (PGCIL)   (Including its share of 14 KMs MCT)after dismantling of existing Solan Giri 132 kV Line. (88 Ckt. Km.) World Bank(P-II) 88
8 132/33 kV, 31.5 MVA GIS Sub-Station upstream of Malana-II HEP in Distt. Kullu along with LILO of one circuit of 132kV Barsaini – Charor D/C transmission line. (20 Ckt. Km.) GEC-II 20
9 132 kV D/C transmission line from Chanju-1 HEP to 220/132 kV substation at Mazra in Distt. Chamba (30 Ckt. Km.). GEC-II 30
10 400/220 kV, 2×315 MVA GIS Pooling Station at Mazra along with LILO of 400 kV Chamera – I to Chamera – ll S/C line in Distt. Chamba. GEC-II 630 1.9
11 220/132kV , 2X100 MVA Sub-Station at Tahliwala (Una) Domestic 200 30
12 220kV Switching Substation at Snale (Shimla) Deposit (SJVNL)
13 220kV Switching Substation at Sujanpur (Hamirpur) Deposit (SJVNL) 3
14 LILO of 132kV Dehan(HPSEBL)-Bassi Line at Dehan(Patti)SS Domestic 0.5