Projects Pipelined

Sr. No. Description Proposed Scheme
1 Construction of 220/132 kV, 2×100 MVA Paonta Sahib Substation by D/C LILO of 220 kV Khodri – Mazri line. World Bank
2 Construction of 220 kV D/C line from (Tower No.61 ) at Jamta to Giri transmission line by dismantling of existing 132 kV S/C Jamta LILO Point (T.No.-61)to Giri Transmission line. World Bank
3 Construction of 132/33 kV,2×20 MVA  Sub-station Charna alongwith LILO of 132 kV S/C Giri Gaura line. World Bank
4 Construction of 220/132 KV,2X 100 MVA GIS Substation at Tahliwal by D/C LILO of 220 kV Bhakhra Jamalpur line  alongwith HTLS Reconductoring of 220 kV Bhakhra to Tahliwal portion of line &  132 kV interconnection with existing 132/33 kV Tahliwal. World Bank
5 132/33 kV Substation near Ghumarwin a/w S/C LILO of 132 kV Hamirpur Kangoo line. Domestic
6 220kV Switching Substation at Sujanpur (Hamirpur) Domestic
7 S/C LILO of 400 kV D/C Lahal to Chamera line at Kutehar HEP. Domestic