Business Plan and MYT Petition for MYT Control Period from FY 2024-25 to FY 2028-29 Adjudication of dispute between HPPTCL and HPSEBL upon unpaid ARR bills for the period from cod onwards for 33/132 kV, GIS substation at Pandoh along with LILO of one circuit of 132 kV d/c Kangoo-Bajaura transmission line & additional 33/132 kV, 25/31.5 MVA transformer with associated GIS at 33/132 kV at Pandoh True Up for the period FY 2019-20 to FY 2021-22 and Determination of Revised Revenue Requirement from FY 2022-23 TO FY 2023-24. 66/22 kV Substation Nirmand & 66 kV D/C Nirmand-Kotla Transmission Line Petition 33/132/220 kV GIS Substation at Dehan & 220 kV D/C Dehan – Hamirpur Transmission line Petition 220/66 kV portion of 132/220/66 kV GIS Sub-station at Sunda and 220 kV D/C Sunda–Hatkoti Transmission Line Petition 66 kV GIS Switching Sub-Station at Urni along with 66 kV D/C Line from Urni switching Station to Wangtoo Substation Petition. 400/220 kV, 315 MVA Pooling S/s at Gumma,Additional 400/220 kV, 315 MVA at Gumma, 220 kV D/C Twin Moose T/L from Hatkoti to Gumma along with LILO of 440 kV D/C Jhakri to Abdullapur T/L & 220 kV Switching Station at Hatkoti Petition 220 kV Snail-Hatkoti D/C Transmission Line Petition 220 kV D/C Bajoli Holi -Lahal TL Petition 220/33 kV portion of 400/220/33 kV Lahal PS & 220 kV S/C Lahal to Budhil TL Petition 400/220/66 kV GIS PS Wangtoo Petition 33/132 kV Chambi SS & LILO of 132 kV Dehara-kangra TL Petition 33/132 kV GIS Pandoh, LILO of 132 kV D/C Kangoo-Bajaura TL & Add. 31.5 MVA Transformer at Pandoh Petition 33/220 kV GIS Phojal & 220 kV LILO TL Petition 220 kV D/C Kashang-Bhaba TL Petition 220 kV D/C Charor-Banala TL Petition 220/66 kV Pooling Station Bhoktoo Petition 33/220 kV GIS Karian & 220 kV D/C Karian-Rajera TL Petition True-Up Petitions for FY 2014-15 to Fy 2018-19 Multi Year Tariff Petitions & Orders 400/220 kV Portion of 400/220/33 kV GIS pooling station at lahal alongwith 400 kV D/C Lahal-Chamera T/L 02 No. Bays & LILO of 2nd circuit of 220 kV D/C Kunihar Panchkula T/L at Baddi substation